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What People Are Saying...

  • "I really like how the On Point Ball Marker simulates a ball when you are waiting your turn to putt. I use a line on my ball so it looks like I already have my ball on the green lined up where I am going to hit the putt and I am able to visualize the putt while I wait. I sink more putts with the On Point Ball Marker and highly recommend to the professional and amateur golfer."
    Doug Rohrbaugh - PGA Professional
    13 time West Colorado PGA “Player of the Year” / 3 time Colorado PGA Champion / 2013 Senior Colorado Open Champion / 3 time Senior Colorado PGA “Player of the Year” / 2015 SR PGA Tour Member / Competed in 9 Senior Tour Majors
  • "The On Point Ball Marker is a great tool for amateurs and professionals. It’s easy to find when you are on the green and it helps me visualize my intended line both away from the ball when I’m walking and reading the green and while over the ball when I’m setting up. My students love the size and visibility of the line on the tool as it helps them aim their putters more accurately. More than anything, for amateurs and professionals, this tool instills confidence in the decision and line you have chosen so that you can step up and execute the putt without hesitation."
    Nicole Cavarra - Certified Professional Fitness Trainer & Golf Conditioning Specialist
    LPGA Golf Teaching Professional & Director of Golf Instruction - Aspen Glen Club, Carbondale, CO / LPGA Golf Teaching Professional - The Boulders, North Scottsdale, AZ /  Founder, GOLFit, LLC , PXG Troops
  • “I am a line putter and the On Point Ball Marker is genius. I align the marker line with my ball line and execute the putt. Great product and would recommend to all golfers”
    Peter Olenick - Iron Bridge Golf Club, Glenwood Springs, CO - USGA Handicap 6
    Four time X Games medalist in freestyle pipe skiing / World Record holder for height in half pipe / Head Coach of South Korean Olympic Freestyle Ski Team
  • “Love how On Point Ball Marker creates a line for you before the ball is even down. The marker has really helped me from 10 feet and in by using the line on my ball combined with the On Point line. This really has improved my putting by giving me the confidence that I am lined up correctly.”
    AJ Joiner - Western United States - USGA Handicap +4
    Mini Tour Playing Professional
  • "I love it. I am new to line putting and always found it difficult to get the line on the ball to coincide with the line I see on the green. This device cures that problem. It allows me to line up the device during play of others, speeding up my pace of play and I am sinking more putts."
    Victor Fasciani - Aspen Glen Golf Club, Colorado - USGA Handicap 6
    Amateur Golfer
  • “On Point ball marker is a great stroke saver. I am reading the greens better and I have more confidence with my ball alignment and I can now read the greens better. The marker and alignment is going to help me eliminate my three putts and lower my USGA handicap”
    Rick Broadhurst - Laurel Oaks Golf Club, Sarasota, FL - USGA Handicap 16
    Amateur Golfer
  • “My eye sight is not the best and I have a tough time reading my marker and ball alignment to the hole. Thanks to the On Point ball marker I can now read my distance putts with more confidence and get my ball alignment to be more accurate. I can now see my ball marker from a distance and I am sinking more putts. I also like the idea of dropping my favorite coin into the bottom of the ball marker……brilliant.”
    Dean Filiss - Rifle Creek Golf Course, Rifle, CO - USGA Handicap 15
    Amateur Golfer
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Make more putts, play with confidence and always stay
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There are many benefits of the three dimensional domed golf ball marker:
  • Provides the golfer with more focus and confidence
  • Helps the golfer read the greens with more accuracy
  • Increases the percentage of putts made
  • Enhances the golfer’s ability to read putts from a distance and do so while waiting for other players to putt
  • Increases the speed of play
  • Enhances spectator engagement
  • Improves television viewing, marketing, branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Drop in your favorite coin marker in the bottom and support your brand